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Its all about the arrival and how better than to arrive in a historic classic car, built many years ago and still on the road, navigating today’s modern conditions. Whatever your event, special day or meeting we make your occasion an everlasting experience that you will never forget.

With our historic classic cars, forget the computer-controlled engine management system, this is a truly back to the past experience where roads were only just being built. The passenger experience is very real and in contact with the road conditions, just as it was all that time ago when it was first manufactured.

You will feel like royalty when travelling along with people looking and turning their phone cameras on you. The most amazing feeling is when people give a simultaneous smile on seeing the car.

On arrival in the historic classic, the chauffeur will open the door for you as if you are a VIP.


from £350

Impress your neighbours with a jaw dropping and impressive chauffeur driven service from your front door to your local Wedding venue of choice.

This Ford Model A is taking you back almost 100 years in the past when roads were just beginning. With its white body and black wings contrast, this is truly an impressive site to behold and right on your doorstep.

Just see how many curtains twitch when you step out and approach your chariot and enjoy your once in a lifetime experience being chauffeur driven. Once inside you will experience the joy of being driven to your venue in extreme style and elegance.

There is nothing like a historic classic arrival in the moment. Immediately after the service, you get to take the photos to capture the moment forever.

man and woman holding hands
Blue tux wedding outfit


from £200

Already at the venue, no need for a car but want to stage a mock arrival then why not do the Mock Wedding and fake it. And save money too.

More couples these days are staging everything in one place, they dress at the venue and see the registrar just before the service.

So why not sneak out and meet the car just outside and then be driven to the venue and enjoy a historic classic arrival. A traditional classic arrival but without the drama of worrying about arriving in time.

Faking a classic arrival is fantastic for your forever photos without the fuss of having to travel all the way there in one. Immediately after the service, you get to take your photos with the car.

Mock Weddins


from £150

How about surprising a loved one by being taken to a big event in a memorable historic classic.


Or have a classic arrival for the opening of a new venue, restaurant, or to celebrate the start of a new venture.


The possibilities are endless.


Above all it’s about the classic arrival.

Flower Bouquet being tied
Special Occasion

How We Work

Personal Service

Personal one to one service that aims to cater for your every preference where possible 

Transparent Costs

Nothing is hidden, all costs are transparent so that you can make the right decisions. 

Your Vision

Tell us your vision of your ideal classic arrival and we will work with you.

Secure Booking

Pay an upfront base price to secure your booking. Remainder on the day.

Your Experience 

Throughout the planning process to the very day, its all about you. 

Additional Features

Payment in advance will guarantee on the day additional features.

Available Features & Addons

Ford Model A

Car Dressing

​Dress the classic Ford how you want it to look for your special day or event. Choose from:

  • Standard dressing as per photos.

  • non standard dressing as agreed. 

  • no dressing.

Chauffeur Presentation

Choose from our range of chauffer uniforms for your driver to wear on your special day or event. From a standard smart casual to timeless classics, you decide, we offer: ​

  • Standard blue suit.

  • Smart casual dress.

  • Chauffers uniform from 1914 (green with a cap).

  • 1920s casual style uniform with a cap.

  • Jeans and collard shirt.

Chauffeur opening car door
Wedding Table Decor

To Note:

  • Any additional travel miles outside of the standard 10 miles radius of Takeley costs £3.00 per mile.

  • As standard, the car comes with comprehensive insurance.

  • Excluding the chauffer the car can carry up to four others, depending on the size of the people or dresses.

  • For a more comfortable experience three people plus the chauffeur is recommended. 

  • Side screens are optional and available on request as standard. 

  • Any other reasonable practical feature or request can and will be considered. 

  • Each driver is checked to enhanced DBS standard

About Our Car

This is an early example of the Ford Model A Phaeton, imported into the UK from Rhodesia in around 2007. It is reputed to have been used in the 1987 Crime/Thriller film untouchables but has not been proven.

It has been extensively restored and is used regularly. All cars are lovingly restored and maintained by ourselves. We believe we are merely custodians of these historic vehicles and look after them to the best of our ability. Our cars are our labour of love and it is our pleasure to share their beauty and unique experience which these vehicles provide, with you.   

The skills, knowledge and experience required to work on these older vehicles is fast disappearing and future changes in legislation could threaten their very existence.


For further information on the Ford Model A, please type 'Ford Model A' history into your browser.

We will be adding further cars to our offering in due course. 

Our Car
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