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The Classic Arrival Experience

Wedding & Events Classic Car Hire

Bishops Stortford and Surrounding Areas


Wedding Embrace

Its all about the arrival and how better than to arrive in a historic classic car, built many years ago and still on the road, navigating today's modern road conditions.

Whatever your event, special day or meeting we make your occasion an everlasting experience that you will never forget, captured by your photographer, forever.

Its All About The Arrival

Wife stood infront of classic car

VIP Entrance

With our historic classic cars, forget the computer-controlled engine management system, this a truly back to the past experience where roads were only just being built and designers were trying to decide where to put the controls.

The passenger experience is very real and in contact with the road conditions, just as it was all that time ago when the car was first manufactured.

You will feel like royalty when travelling along with people looking and turning their cameras on you. The most amazing feeling is when people give a simultaneous smile on seeing the car.

On arrival in the classic, the chauffeur will open the door for you as if you are a VIP.

Our Services

Wedding rings

from £350


Impress your neighbours with a jaw dropping and impressive chauffeur driven service from your front door to your local wedding venue of choice

Wedding Outfits

from £200


Already at the venue, no need for a car but want to stage a mock arrival then why not do the Mock Wedding and fake it. And save money too.

Flower Bouquet

from £150


How about surprising a loved one by being taken to a big event in a iconic classic car.

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